Spring 2014 busy season ahead

Spring 2014 busy season ahead

Have spent a busy winter schooling the horses and getting the younger ones going ready to compete.  Kinnordy Girolamo has been working well and competed in his first PSG at the weekend, went very well still alot to work on but nice to get that first start under your belts.

Charlton Yuri has also progressed and is now going level 3 so hoping for exciting things this season.

The 5 year olds are all going well went to their first show at the weekend behaved like old professionals and were placed in their classes. Their jumping is going well and they will have their first jumping show in the coming weeks.

Sold Charlton Zoom over the winter to go showjumping he did a couple of showhunter days before he went. Look forward to seeing him out there competing with Carissa.

Starting to get the 3 year olds broken in they are a very nice bunch of youngsters. Have had the help of Alex Mackinnon from Scotland for the last few months which has made life easier but unfortunately she has to go home at the end of the month, so if anyone is looking for a working pupil/groom role get in touch.

Had some great jumping lesson with Jen Hamilton last week, she really gets me going at the start of each jumping season. Then next month I will be having dressage lessons with Yuri and Gooba.

My surprise puppy Pip is growing up fast and is now bigger than her mother Gem she keeps us entertained and is very sensible around the horses.

Posted: Mon 08 Sep 2014